Wired CXDI-420C Fixed

The Compact Digital Radiology System allows for easy upgrades to your existing radiography equipment and fits easily into most universal Bucky systems

Design excellence.

High sensitivity Cesium Iodide Scintillator. Streamline your radiographic workflow with the CXDI-420C Fixed.
Intelligent Noise Reduction

Intelligent Noise Reduction

Optional software feature based on Deep Learning significantly improves image quality, assists with diagnosis, and possible dose benefit.

Ergonomic shapes

Easy streamlined upgrades

Fits easily into standard 46x46cm Bucky without any modification.

Built-in AEC Assistance

Built-in AEC Assistance

Optional feature enables the optimization of X-ray dose without external AEC sensor.


  • 43cm x 43cm

    Image Area

  • CsI


  • 3408 x 3408


  • 125 μm

    Pixel pitch

  • Preview 1 sec.

    Standard / non synchronized gen. mode

  • Cycle time​

    4 seconds

  • Intelligent Noise Reduction INR​

    Image quality improvement using Deep Learning Technology

  • Built-in AEC Assistance

    Internal Automatic Exposure Control assistance

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